Eating For a Workout

Eating For a Workout

If you are trying to lose weight, one of the more important things you are going to have to do is cut down on calories. Once you are consuming fewer calories, your body is going to start burning fat in order to compensate for its energy requirements. This will result in some pretty rapid weight loss, but one thing you need to realize is that you still need to consume calories according to your needs. If you are leading a more or less sedentary lifestyle, you will need to consume fewer calories than if you are working out.

This is why you need to eat a little more if you plan to exercise and tone your body. The key is not just to fulfill your caloric requirement, but to ensure that the calories you’re eating aren’t full of sugars and fats which would inevitably result in weight gain. Firstly, we need to dispel the myth that you can never eat before a workout. Indeed, while it may be true that a heavy meal is definitely not a good idea because it could result in digestive problems while you are exercising, but a light snack before you start working out can actually help you get the energy to quickly finish your workout rather than get too tired to go on halfway through.

The type of snack you have is very important, however. First and foremost, it needs to comprise between one fifty and two hundred calories. Any more than that would give your body too much to digest while you are already exerting it in your exercise routine, and any less than that would not have enough of an impact to make any difference to your overall workout. Another thing you need to focus on is what exactly you eat as your pre-workout snack. Carbs are essential because you can give you the sudden boost of energy you would need just then. Carbs are particularly good if you are doing cardio, but if you are going for strength training you should consider something that has protein in it. Greek yogurt is a great example, especially since it’s not just high in protein, it is quite low fat as well.

People focus so much on pre-exercise snacks that they forget about what they should be doing after their workout. When you exercise, you put your body through quite a bit of strain. Hence, you need to eat a high carb snack a little while after your workout as well. This would prevent you from pigging out during mealtime, which is a common occurrence because of the fact that your body is hungry and ends up sending out excess signals to your brain which would make you eat too much. Having a light snack after a workout can prevent this from happening, which can decrease your overall caloric intake by quite a significant margin, contributing to increased weight loss for you in the long term.

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