How to Start Training For a Marathon

How to Start Training For a Marathon

Running a marathon can be a pretty exciting proposition for a number of people. This is why so many individuals make it their New Year’s Resolution to run a marathon. However, if you want to run a marathon you are going to have to train for it as well. A marathon is an incredible grueling event that would require you to be at the utmost level of fitness. Hence, your training regimen will have to be very serious indeed, so much so that you must change your entire list of day to day activities in order to get yourself into the sort of physical shape necessary in order to complete a marathon.

For one thing, you are going to have to turn running into a habit. This is because of the fact that running is something that your body is going to have to get used to, it’s not something that you can just start doing at any point in time and expect to get good results. Steve Manning, a fitness and running coach that has run dozens of marathons in his time and has developed many different techniques to help runners train themselves in the best way possible, claims that you need to start off by running at least four times a week. The key is to wake up early so that your body is fresh and you can have a nice and peaceful run, and when you embark on your run you are going to have to make sure that you go at a nice pace for around twenty to thirty minutes. Any less than this and the run would be too insignificant to actually have an impact on your body and improve your fitness in any meaningful way.

The main benefit of these relatively short runs is that it would allow your tendons and ligaments to get stronger. Running is a rather high impact exercise, one that would put quite a bit of stress on your joints. This is why so many runners end up getting injured so quickly, and it is also why you are going to have to put a lot of effort into strengthening these joints unless you want an injury to put you out of commission before you even get to start running your marathon in the New Year.

Another thing you can do is some mild strength training. After all, your joints are not what are going to help propel you forward when you are running, your muscles matter a lot too. There are a number of different benefits to running, one of which is that you are going to end up quitting smoking if you tend to do that sort of thing. The reason running can help you quit smoking is the fact that it would put so much strain on your lungs that you would just not feel like smoking anymore. Marathon training is an incredible way to get very fit indeed.

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