Top Motion Control and Pronation Shoes for Walking

Motion control shoes provide the correction you need If you overpronate, especially if you are a heavy person who overpronates. They are typically firm and heavy and often are not very flexible, but they do have the advantage of often being more durable. The athletic shoe industry has put a lot of technology into their shoes, with the best innovations going into running shoes rather than walking shoes, and so many of the models recommended for walkers are running shoes. This list has shoes are of high quality with motion control technology. No shoe is right for everybody—get fit for the shoe that is best for you. It needs to have the right shape and size to fit your feet.

Brooks Beast

The Beast is a perennial favorite for best motion control running shoes, especially for heavy walkers and severe overpronators. It is built to take a pounding and is known to be a more durable model. The Beast is the men’s model of this shoe, although some women will find it works well for them once they know which size to buy. They come in regular (D), wide (2E), and extra wide (4E) and sizes from 8 to 16, making it the choice of “bigfoots” who need motion control.

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