Chefs Hunter Pritchett and Adam Midkiff will bring GoldenBoys: their moveable guerilla Chinese Popup restaurant to Alvin Cailan’s culinary incubator, Unit 120 in the revitalized Far East Plaza in Los Angeles’ Chinatown beginning a Thursday residence.

A unique take on a more fun, healthful, and transparent approach to Chinese Food in Los Angeles, the popup series held its previously sold out dinners in Downtown Los Angeles and Culver City and are excited to break into Chinatown-a neighborhood they care for deeply. “We love Chinatown and cannot wait to help it continue to grow by bringing a farmer’s market based, dynamic, and modern ‘Chinese Restaurant’ with a unique taste of place into such a dynamic neighborhood’ says Pritchett.

Although the GoldenBoys grew up in vastly different places, having the ubiquitous ‘Chinese Food’ family dinner was always a special occasion. Chefs Midkiff and Pritchett take their experiences dining in the red lacquer and jade palaces of the East Coast, the humid and rowdy shophouses of Southeast Asia, and the humble San Gabriel Valley Mom and Pop restaurants and filter it through the farmer’s market produce and mindfulness of Southern California.

Having tried and failed for years to find anything as comforting or familial in the city proper, these enterprising Chefs have taken the initiative with GoldenBoys-a moveable guerilla Chinese popup restaurant. The GoldenBoys met as Sous Chefs at Son of a Gun, with Midkiff moving on to work at Red Medicine and Sous Chef at Sambar, and Pritchett at Waterloo and City, then Corporate Chef for Mendocino Farms, and Chef Consultant for various local restaurant groups.