UNIT 120 is a concept that I've been intrigued with for years. The idea that a chef or restauranteur can test their concept without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars is ideal. Through my experience with the Los Angeles restaurant industry I've learned so much and I find it as my duty with UNIT 120 to guide budding culinary talent in the right direction. Knowledge from time that I've wasted, screwed up and failed is now an amenity available when restauranteurs utilize our space.

Unit 120 is where opportunity meets preparation. If you have a concept, menu or partnership that you're unsure of, this is the place to test it out. Only serious concepts/menus will be able to roll out in our dining room. I believe that Los Angeles can be the greatest food destination in the country. However, in order for us to sustain, our restaurants have to stay around. Lately, restaurants have been closing left and right because of unproven partnerships, over spending and lack of management skills. Even the mighty have fallen and our goal at UNIT 120 is to help prevent people from failing or at least exposing them to the dangers that can happen.